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Convenient location in North Ft. Worth
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  • We Saved The Barn!

    When we purchased the 32 acres at 1921 Golden Heights Rd, we became the owners of a house and a barn. We always intended to tear them down and build about a quarter million square feet of commercial/industrial office warehouse space. I know it sounds sad, but it is the way of the world in real estate development. After closing, we were able to see inside the house. It was less than 20 years old and VERY nice. The barn was of a similar age and in good shape. We decided to try to save the barn. We evaluated making the barn into a maker space or remodeling it for a single tenant but decided to turn it into executive suites.
    We wondered if fate had a different plan, however. Exactly 24 hours after closing, a tornado ripped the roof off. We hadn’t insured it because we intended to tear it down, but it still had some limited coverage through a policy on the house and its outbuildings. We filed a claim and got to work replacing the roof.

    Three weeks later, another tornado tore off the partially restored roof. This time, we had insured it, but the $12,000 deductible didn’t leave much for repairs. Again, we re-roofed. A little later, a thief stole the huge Percheron Farms sign. Fortunately, we were able to recreate it from our pictures of the property. In the end, we cheated fate I think!
    A Facebook campaign soon gave the barn its new name, and remodeling moved swiftly. We hope you can appreciate the barn’s unique history and will make it your event location in the Golden Triangle Business Park!

    Ron Sturgeon
    Owner & Developer

  • We Saved The Barn!